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Back to work. Back to school. And with the holidays quickly approaching, now is the time to bring more peace to your surroundings.
September 25, 2021
We have well passed the midpoint of the year. We are now approaching the holidays and before you know it, it will be the New Year. Now is the opportune time to de-clutter/organize your mind, body, soul, and living space. This can impact your life in so many ways.
When you live in clutter, you create chaos within your mind and spirit, leading to anxiety. Think about the messiest room in your home. Do you want to hang out there? Is it comfortable? Does it motivate you?
Anxiety can affect your mind and body in many negative ways and clutter perpetuates anxiety. Life is stressful enough. When you live in clutter, it will eventually affect your positive health, mindset, and balance each day. Make small changes to make big impacts.
I often look at the reasons why people live in disarray. To declutter doesn’t only mean possessions. Holding onto things physically and emotionally gives the person a payoff. It is a fear of letting go. Chaos and clutter are potential triggers for emotional issues in our lives. If we release that junk mail or old notes, negative thoughts and outside criticism come creeping in. We are letting go. Perhaps we are not in control. Is clutter filling a void?
We also keep cluttering our minds, thinking about the old thoughts, feelings, and memories; good and bad. We as humans tend to hold to the negative emotions of life. We become victims of our past circumstances and past lives even. Releasing forgiveness to ourselves and others can clear and reset our souls to move to the present and eventually a positive future.
To cleanse your body, it is also essential to remove the clutter that sits inside of you. Clutter and chaos may also be attributed to weight gain or weight loss. When we cleanse our body, mind, spirit, home, workspace, we find a sense of renewal. Getting organized gives us all a sense of a new beginning. Manifesting, affirmations and self-validation, “I got this,” can be a huge release and impact when one unclutters the soul.
I feel we find strength and power within us when we finally de-clutter.
So begin small. What you touch, retouch. If you used the blanket on the couch, fold it and put it back at the end of the day. Put your home and workspace back together before your day is over. Everything you engaged with goes back in its place. Toys are to be put away. Dishes washed and put away. Junk mail is thrown out into the waste bin. You set every room, so in the morning you’re starting a new day fresh.
Write your list of things to do for the following day. Do it the night before. Some people thrive on “wiping away” tasks – crossing them off the list. Yay, you have accomplished something! Give it a try!
Some suggestings
Take a warm bath or shower at the end of the day to wash the day’s emotions. Enjoy a few moments of silence before you go to bed. If you have an hour, even better, but just a few minutes will do. This will clear the mind while focusing the energy. At 12:01 am, you will have reset with new energy, words, feelings, and actions. Make a choice on how to start the day. Start with small obtainable goals. Don’t get overwhelmed.
If you are physically de-cluttering a room, start from one corner and work your way to the door. Suppose it’s a closet, start from left to right. Throw out all mismatched hangers, color code as you go. If the desk has an enormous pile, use file folders, label them and file away.
Bringing plants into your home will cleanse the air with oxygen, live plants. Open a window, and get fresh air. Be present. Stay focused. Put on your favorite music. Shut off your phone. And always set your intention.
Finally, think of who would benefit from your “giveaways” – all those things you no longer want or need. Is it a personal friend, a Facebook group, an organization. Please pay it forward with your clothes, unused items, old memories – and give them to someone in need.
This is cleansing for your home. It also cleanses your soul and can be very impactful in business. And paying it forward doesn’t have to be financial. A small hand-me-down can result in a big win for the recipient. Your good energy is also attached to the items you gift out. Remember, if you don’t feel you want to gift your treasures to someone else, then sell them. Online or to a consignment shop they go.
Let’s repurpose our minds, souls and evaluate our workspace. Whether it is a physical place like a car, your office, your closets, removing the “clutter” has a domino effect. It will begin to cleanse your mind, body soul, creating moments and spaces that are less stressful and more apt to be serene than challenging.
So next time you walk into that “mess”, remember, it takes two minutes to do the things we need to do, so we can enjoy more moments of open space and peace. And with the holidays quickly approaching, may there be more “peace” on Earth and goodwill to all.
In God’s white light…
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