I would like to have a story written about our company. Who do I contact? For all queries and requests, please email inquiry@nationalbusinesspost.com
I would like to have a story written about our company. Who do I contact? For all queries and requests, please email inquiry@nationalbusinesspost.com
Who do I contact regarding media requests, press releases, news tips, and errors? If you have a media request, would like to submit a press release or would like to report an error, please email inquiry@nationalbusinesspost.com
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Is The National Business Post available in print format?
At this time, The National Business Post is only published in its digital format.
Do you produce video content and podcast content for brands and individuals?
The National Business Post not only develops extended length textual content for brands and individuals, we also produce authenticated videos and branded podcasts for audio and video distribution.
Do you produce/develop other forms of content including press releases?
We will work with clients to develop press releases, however this is a different process than developing fee-based curated content. If interested, please inquire with regards to RATES and PLATFORMS.
Where do you find your stories?
The National Business Post is a team of veteran journalists who have spent their careers writing for some of America’s most reputable news outlets. Our journalists search out “the interesting and the uncovered” stories that make up today’s American marketplace – most of these stories have not been covered by the traditional news outlets. Insightful, compelling, authentic, and real – these stories give voice and history to today’s leaders in American business and to the issues that are always influencing how we live, who we are and what we buy.
What are some of the benefits in having a tenured journalist write your story?
There are many reasons our clients have wanted to have their story told. The best thing we can do, as a media news platform, is to be professional, authentic and as specific as possible in our writing, so that our clients feel that they are in control of their narrative.

The best way to do this is to have a tenured journalist interview, write and edit your story – for your review. Many of our writers come from some of America’s largest print publications and media outlets.

As a third party, and as a professional writer, their curiosity will probe your knowledge about your industry, business, and your unique successes – culminating into a thorough story, humanizing your approach and giving the consumer insight into why you do, what you do.

In 2014, Cohn & Wolfe published a report titled: The Age of Authenticity. In the report, their data highlighted that 63% of consumers would prefer to do business with a brand they view as more authentic than its competitors. “Skepticism about what brands say and do is much higher than before. If we want the truth, we Google it. We rarely click on the official website, much preferring consumer reviews, recent news articles, and the Wikipedia entry.” (Cohn & Wolfe, 2014 Report: The Age of Authenticity)

Today, CONTENT is king. Your content. We look forward to working with you, crafting your narrative and creating the most compelling insightful and authentic story ever written about your brand.
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