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Overwhelmed these days?
Spiritual balance can alleviate the chaos in one’s life.
March 31, 2021
The words “self” and “balance”.
These two words in our personal and professional lives mean many things to many people. Just depends on what time of the day it is, especially now, during these times of uncertainty and constant change, we have found ourselves mixing both personal and professional lives even within the same physical space.
The news has been one constant – the constant updating of events that surround us. Without an anchor, we are swayed moment to moment, unaware perhaps of what might be the next turn in the road. Off balance, our emotions fluctuate. Overwhelmed, we lay low, moving slowly, from one comfort zone to another. Bed, coffee, emails, texts. We have become absorbed in the physical reality of “not knowing”. And these emotions put us into a very unresourceful state, unable to make decisions, take action, move.
The only way we can reclaim our “selves” at this time, is to take a moment and focus on “self” and spirit. Shut off the tech and minimize exposure to that which is outside of ourselves and focus on “within”.
We need to become self-aware. Perhaps even “self-absorbed” to a point. When you understand your “self” and hone in on your purpose, you then become more in line with your spirit – more spiritual to your “Self” and others, which in turn, gives your soul a feeling of balance. It’s about finding focus and then letting go. Your spirit – or soul – will become more intense the more you learn about your “Self”.
In quiet, we find our voice and it will speak to us when the time is appropriate. Allow the inner “you” to be, to dream, awaken, and even shut down, if needed. You are allowed to be angry and sad. But as we talk about balance, do something in turn that fills “you” with joy – even fun. And that is how we will regain our balance.
We need to remember that not every day needs to be rosy. We need to be aware. We need to allow ourselves to evolve, reassessing our wants and needs and desires, as the world changes – so do we. We need to be able to adapt and change but the only way we can do that is regaining the center balance of “who you are” and allow circumstance to wash over us. In these times, focusing on “self” will allow us to gain the inner faith and knowledge that “this too shall pass.”
So pray, meditate, take a moment for your “self”, even if it is 5 minutes of your own quiet space. Breathe, close your eyes, and know that your balance comes from within.
I am always asked, “How do I pray?” and my response is always the same, “Just open your heart and ask for that which you seek. Then give thanks and always say – ‘and so it is. And so it shall be. Amen.”
In God’s white light…
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Tracy Turner is an intuitive who entertains and educates audiences across America with her inspiring message about the choices and challenges each of us face while we live our lives out here on planet Earth. A contemporary “Dear Abbey”, companies today aspire to align the “whole person” with their professional skill set. With the media bombarding us at every turn, INSIGHT is monthly column that will allow us to “gut check”, and make sure that we are able to work the soul muscle as we navigate contemporary frequencies and complex professional issues. As Tracy always says, “Religion is man-made. Spirituality is God given.”

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