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Manifest Puzzle
Allowing yourself to find your true calling and purpose is part of the journey. Most people find that using both auditory and visual cues are the keys to their success.
July 11, 2021
To manifest, for me, means to bring thoughts, ideas, and intentions into alignment creating a powerful reality of positive or negative energy. There are many ways to manifest what it is that you are seeking. Some people manifest auditorily; some visually. Finding what works for you is critical. Most people find that using both auditory and visual cues are the keys to their success.
How to manifest is important as well. First, you must state with clear intention what it is that you want. Begin by writing down what it is you that are manifesting, and be specific. Next, determine what you willing to do or sacrifice in order to achieve what you are manifesting – as it goes beyond wanting or thinking about it all the time. The goal here is to engrain the energy of your manifestation into your everyday consciousness in order to develop the habits which will make the goal achievable. The process may take some soul searching and time.
The key is clarity, patience and persistence.
Personally, I manifest in two ways. I write down exactly what I need. I then write when I need the manifestation to occur. I write down what I need the exact outcome to be. If I do not have this level of clarity with my intention or I find it hard to be specific, I create a vision board to help. My vision boards consist of positive messages, relevant hashtags, and lots of pictures. I hang it where I can see it daily. I say out loud, multiple times a day, always ending with, “and so it is, and so it shall be.” I research my vision and then put it into place. When I can’t go any further, and find that I am feeling blocked, I set it aside, and realize that my timing may be off. I realize I can always come back. I use these manifestation methods in business, health, prosperity, and relationships. It has proven to work well for me, in all aspects of my life.
What will you manifest in your life today?
Are you ready to change? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? First step is to surrender. Allow the universe to step in where you feel you have fallen short. Change is inevitable. That is why we manifest. Sometimes before we display, we need to step back, look at a situation and ask ourselves the question, “Am I ready for what I want to manifest”? When manifesting, you must be willing to release as well as receive. With risk comes reward and most often, faith and courage are needed to support us in these challenging moments. To some manifesting may be uncomfortable. To some, joyous. Set a clear intention and it will happen.
Here are some important questions to ask when bringing your manifestation into fruition: Have you defined the purpose of your intention? Will it serve you in your highest and best good? Is this manifestation within the realm of possibilities at this time? Are there others in my center of influence holding me back? Do I need to change my environment or the energy of others? Am I holding myself back? Do I have faith in myself and the universe to enable the manifestation to happen? We self sabotage ourselves sometimes while moving ourselves forward. If this is true for you, honestly search within as to why you repeat certain behaviors.
Sometimes we take on others’ ideologies and lose sight of our own. Perhaps we want to grow our business, but others say, it’s too risky or your idea won’t work. Close yourself off. Remove that negativity. Negative self-talk puts us in nonalignment with ourselves and the universe. Changing your self-talk is the beginning of tangible manifestation.
What do I intend on bringing to the world and myself this year?
It is a question I ask myself quite often. Yearly I manifest what I want and need for self-development, finance, and relationships. I make my list as specific as possible and put it in a box. I call this my God Box. At the end of every year, I take my list out and review it. To be honest, most of the things I have written down have come to fruition. I usually share it with those seeking manifestation or guidance. It helps to encourage and kick start their own lists for the following year. And remember, you must be careful in your chosen words, always. The universe gives you what you requested. And always remember in your search, what you give out comes back tenfold.
Every year in my list, I include giving back to the universe as well as receiving. Manifesting isn’t all about our self-absorbed personal goals. Manifesting outwards creates balance and health beyond ourselves. All souls are a part of this universe. We must provide, we must review, we must be accountable.
Change is the true manifestation…
In the manifestation of all things, we sometimes have to part with the people, places and things that no longer serve us – for us to grow into new directions – otherwise we are just holding ourselves back, holding on to lost souls. Change is the true manifestation of all things. Releasing with love, all those who hold you back is what needs to happen— removing old ideas and habits that bring negativity – the source needs to be severed. Allowing yourself to find your true calling and purpose is part of the journey. When you manifest, you give yourself power. Don’t worry about the world around you when you are changing. Know who you are. Know you are changing for the better. Know that there is always risk in the unknown, and the unknown exists where we previously haven’t gone before.
And remember, let your passion be your guide. Set a clear intention, ask clearly, be concise and then…let go.
In God’s white light…
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